Important milestones

Over 6 years of establishment, formation and development, Monkey has experienced a number of memorable milestones, becoming the English learning companion of more than 10 million children over the globe

Cột mốc Monkey 2021 2021
  • Monkey Junior launching its brand new 3.0 version, further enhancing the number 1 application for children who are just starting to learn English.

  • Reached a milestone of more than 10 million children worldwide using Monkey’s products.

Cột mốc Monkey 2020 2020
  • Monkey Phonics – a program to help children learn to spell and improve English pronunciation was created and offered complimentary for parents/guardians who had purchased Monkey Stories.

Cột mốc Monkey 2018 2018
  • Monkey Math – an application to learn Math in English according to Common Core State Standards started out.

Cột mốc Monkey 2017 2017
  • Monkey Stories – the application designed to help children excel at English before the age of 10 was launched.

  • Monkey Junior incorporated five more languages including Vietnamese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian - helping to build a vast multilingual platform for children.

Cột mốc Monkey 2016 2016
  • Monkey Junior won First place at the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Tech-I Competition awarded by US President Barack Obama.

  • Monkey Junior also won other recognitions: Gold Prize at ASEAN ICT Awards in Brunei, First Prize at the Asian Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) in Japan...

Cột mốc Monkey 2014 2014
  • Monkey Junior – an English learning application for fresh young learners was launched.

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