Best English Learning Books For Kids

Best English Learning Books For Kids

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Looking for English learning books for your kids? If you have a child learning English, the most important thing you need is good English resources! This post provides you a list of English books with activities and lessons to help your child learn English effectively.


Hook on phonics Hooked on phonics

- Hooked on phonics includes Ebooks, DVDs, and Flashcards, bringing your kid a new, friendly and easy-to-understand approach for English learning. These learning materials help your kid easily access stories on ebooks to learn to read, or practice listening skills by listening to DVDs, learn new words with flashcards and fun, exciting games.

- This English PDF document is suitable for ages 4 upwards, and you can easily find different popular topics which can build excitement and passion for English learning in your child.  

 My Little Island 1, 2, 3 My Little Island 1, 2, 3

- If you are looking for English learning books for your children aged 3-5, My Little Island 1, 2, 3 is a very good choice. This material is designed to help your kid communicate in English through a 4 skills approach that builds language proficiency through pre-reading/reading, pre-writing/writing, listening, and speaking lessons and activities.

- Also, Links to daily life through useful vocabulary, language, values, and cross-curricular connections in each lesson, audios and ebook exercises immerse students in English. This will motivate your kid to listen, speak, and start reading, writing English more than ever before.

Family and Friends Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

- No other book offers your kid the same benefits as Family and Friends. This English resource offers a carefully graded approach to reading, writing, and literacy skills in English to young learners.  Each book consists of 14 units with popular and familiar topics like family, friends, school, etc.

Let’s go 1,2,3,4,5,6

- Bigger, brighter, better and hotter than ever, Let’s go is a series for children who are just starting their English study. This inspires children to enjoy learning in English with a trusted methodology.

- This English book series combines a carefully controlled, grammar-based syllabus with practical language. Functional dialogues, interactive games and pair work activities foster a lively, motivating and fun learning environment. To practice listening and speaking skills, your kids can use Audio CDs to make it better and easier.

Check out English resources at Monkey

- We offer a range of English PDF documents such as “Learn vocabulary with Flashcards”, “Learn English with Phonics Handbook”, etc. These materials are greatly selected based on the international curriculum; therefore, you may rest assured that your choice is the best for your kid. Monkey StoriesMonkey Junior, … are top effective and fun English learning apps for your kids.

- Reading is an excellent way to improve your English, and kids’ books make it easy and enjoyable to get started. If books are used in the right way it will make learning much easier. Remember to choose the top English learning books for kids to support your children in the long-term learning journey. Hope you and your kids enjoy studying!


Every child should have the opportunity to learn and develop at their best. Help your child unlock their mental abilities and language potential today!

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