Effective ways to support your child's English-learning at home (By a parent of a 4-year-old)

Effective ways to support your child's English-learning at home (By a parent of a 4-year-old)

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More and more parents want their children to learn English at a young age and build a strong foundation for English skills, which helps their child develop effective study later on and get ahead in a globalized world in the future. Many parents have found tips for success in teaching English to their kids at home and these are beginning to show results. And, Ken’s mom is a good example.

Ken's Mom has always wanted to send him to study abroad, helping him have more opportunities and an international future. After scouring the Internet for information about effective English teaching approaches for kids and asking friends about that topic, Ken’s Mom has found Monkey Stories - a fun and interesting English learning app and introduced it to Ken when he turned 3.

Although Ken’s Mom is busy with many tasks during the day, her priority is always spending time with him to explore a large library of nearly 500 picture books for kids. She said that by accessing the huge, rich and quality library of picture books offered by Monkey Stories, she saved a lot of money instead of buying printed paper ones. In addition, the character interactions make Ken very excited at repeating vocabulary words and remember them for a long time.

Monkey Stories offers games for vocabulary review, which helps kids remember any single interesting and fun lesson. Every night before bedtime, she lets Ken listen to audiobooks with her phone's screen off. This is also a good way of learning to allow kids to visualize the happenings, pronunciation and English sentences in the story.

At 4, Ken could translate sentences in stories from English to his mother tongue to tell his mom the stories later on, and he could understand daily English conversations. After seeing Ken’s great achievement and positive results and surprises, his mom has shared their English-learning journey and experience on social networks and received a lot of attention from other parents about effective ways to support children learn English at home. With Monkey Stories, Ken's Mom hopes every parent can be more confident in the journey of teaching English to their kids at home.

Every child should have the opportunity to learn and develop at their best. Help your child unlock their mental abilities and language potential today!

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