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Monkey Junior - Vocabulary For Kids

This English learning app for kids won First place at the GIST Tech-I in Silicon Valley, USA

Bé học Monkey Junior

This English learning app for kids
- Top 5 worldwide

  • The Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Tech-I Competition held under the chairmanship of US President Barack Obama

  • Popular English learning apps for kids in the world

  • ASEAN ICT Awards

  • From 108 countries is a testament to the ongoing value and trust in Monkey Junior

The best choice for children who are just starting to learn English

Hứng thú học

Outstanding at fostering interest in learning

Children are interested and motivated in English right from the start & throughout the learning process

Tăng vốn từ vựng

Great range of vocabulary

In as little as 10 minutes a day, helps children to master more than 1,000 words within a year

Phát âm chuẩn Anh - Mỹ

Accurate American English pronunciation

Pronounce American English (AmE) accurately right from the start, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

Duy trì học tập

Easy to start & establish healthy learning routine

Easily get started & develop positive English learning habits with an Easy to Advanced route assembled by educational experts

The world’s most effective early childhood education method for teaching English to children

The sooner you start, the quicker and more obvious the results

Học thông qua trò chơi

Game-based learning

Carefully calculated educational games to hold the attention of children

Chụp hình nguyên từ

Whole Words and Phonics

Stimulate & develop the neuroplasticity (networks in the brain) of children equally between their two cerebral hemispheres

Tráo thẻ Glenn Doman

Glenn Doman quick card shuffle method

English learning through flashcards in a systematic way will help children fix vocabulary into eternal memory

Phương pháp Đa giác quan

The multi-sensory method by Dr. Robert Titzer (USA)

Stimulates all children’s senses while learning so that they are interested and engaged, accelerating learning and boosting their ability to remember

With Monkey Junior, learning English online & offline becomes a simple, enjoyable, and convenient task for children

  • Methodical learning path

    Methodical learning path

    Parents/guardians can easily accompany their children, even if they are not proficient in English

  • In-App Report

    In-App Report

    Provides timely updates on your kids’ learning performance

  • Unlimited number of log in devices

    Unlimited number of log in devices

    Study with your kids anytime, anywhere - extremely convenient

  • Create multiple learner profiles on 1 account

    Create multiple learner profiles on 1 account

    Yields great cost savings for your family

  • Sync study progress

    Sync study progress

    Update the latest data on all devices so that children can pick up where they left off

  • Cập nhật mới định kỳ

    New content updated regularly

    New vocabulary & games added continuously

  • Hỗ trợ trọn đời sau mua

    Lifetime support after buying

    95% of requests supported by Monkey addressed within 24 hours

  • Cộng đồng ba mẹ thông thái

    Get guidance and reminders

    Reminders to continue learning via notification/email to facilitate healthy learning habits

English learning program for kids of International Standards

2,000+ English words on more than 56 English topics that are relevant to kids. They can comprehensively grasp all aspects of the vocabulary they are learning.

The learning path is divided into 3 levels Easy - Medium - Advanced, with lessons built on 2 factors: Inheritance & Development

Level: Easy - 17 topics

Level: Medium - 19 topics

Level: Advanced - 20 topics

Children choose their favorite topics and follow the learning path proposed by the system, which ensures personalization while studying

Change topics while studying

With each word, children will learn all aspects of that word: recognizing letters, grasping the meaning of words, accurately pronouncing with an American English accent, writing the correct spelling, and mastering word usage (in phrases and sentences)

Học hơn 2000 từ vựng
Cá nhân hóa trải nghiệm

Advanced technology to personalize a kid's learning experiences

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology evaluates and guides kids to pronounce American English (AmE) accurately (New)

"Study and understand" children’s behavior when learning with the app to personalize the learning path & lessons according to the learner by topic (New)

High interactivity: Listening, watching, reading, touching, and speaking – all of which keep kids active during the lesson

Kids learning report for parents/guardians (New)

Study without internet (offline) after downloading the lessons

Receive stars as rewards after each lesson, collect coins to exchange stickers – this helps increase a child’s interest in learning English

Highly personalized lessons tailor-made for each child's age & interests

Kids only need to study 1 lesson/day – daily studying will secure effectiveness

For small children or those who have just started learning English: lessons will last about 4-5 minutes

For older children: lessons will last 10-12 minutes

Each lesson focuses on teaching 4 vocabulary words through 5 - 12 activities designed differently for each learner, based on the kid's interests, and degree & level of interaction with the lesson

Học theo sở thích
App cập nhật thường xuyên

An extensive library of games, videos, and audio material with vivid and attractive illustrations. Refreshed & updated regularly – increasing children's interest in learning

Thousands of high-quality educational games of numerous, engaging styles – attractive & lively, helping children effectively learn while playing and having fun

8,000+ pictures, 10,300+ native audio clips, and 2,500 videos describe the meaning of the words, illustrate context, and show correct pronunciation, making each lesson filled with color and excitement

The interactive game system is expanded, updated regularly, and divided by difficulty. As kids get older, the difficulty of the game also increases

More than 10,000,000 children have studied with Monkey

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The effectiveness of teaching English to kindergarten and elementary children with Monkey Junior has been proven

Every child should have the opportunity to learn and develop at their best. Help your child unlock their mental abilities and language potential today!

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